Thrust Areas

The Department has identified the following thrust areas to conduct various research-based activities:

  • Power System Engineering
    • Power Generation Technology
    • Power System Dynamic and Stability
    • Power System Restructuring and Deregulation
    • Wide Area Measurements and Applications
    • HVDC and FACTS
    • AI Techniques and Optimization in Power System
  • Electrical Machines and AC-DC Drives
    • Conventional Electrical Machines
    • Permanent Magnet Machines
    • Electrical Drive Technologies
    • Control of Electrical Machines
  • Electric Vehicles
    • Electrical Vehicular Technologies
    • Battery Technology and Battery Management
    • Grid Interfacing Issues of Electrical Vehicle
  • Smart Grid Technologies and Micro-grids
    • Real-time pricing and Demand Response in Smart Grid Environment
    • Smart Grid Communications
    • Micro – and Nano – Grids, issues and solutions
    • Smart features in Electrical Grid
  • Improved Power Quality for Power System of Future
    • Active Power Filters
    • Active Front-End Converters
    • Unity Power factor correctors