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Research Committee

Research Committee

The basic objective of the Department Research Committee is to facilitate the effective implementation of different activities of research.

The composition of the Department Level Research committee

  • Dr Santosh Vora, Professor and HoD, Chairman
  • Dr P N Tekwani, Professor and Member
  • Dr Siddharthsingh K Chauhan, Associate Professor and Member
  • Dr Akhilesh Nimje, Associate Professor and Member Secretary
  • Dr Kuntal Bhattacharjee, Associate Professor and Member

The Department Level Research Committees meets at least once in six months to discuss the progress of different departmental research activities, new initiatives to be taken related to the research activities, etc. The department-level committee submits its recommendations, proposals, reports, etc. to the Institute Level Research Committee for discussion and further action.

The functions of the Department Level Research committee

Some of the major functions of the Department Level Research Committee are listed below.

  • To invite the short-term/long-term Research Plans from the faculty members of the Department and monitor the progress of the same
  • To encourage faculty members for research paper publications, funded research projects, patents, etc. taking into account different schemes of the University, Government and external funding agencies
  • To monitor the progress of the research projects of the concerned Department funded by the University/External funding agencies
  • To explore the trending areas in the domain globally, discuss at the Department level and propose to create the laboratory/ research facilities/ centres
  • To encourage faculty members without PhD degrees to join PhD programs
  • To identify the difficulties faced by Department faculty in research-related activities