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Technical Activities

Technical Activities







NUTech is the annual technical festival of the Institute of Technology, organised and hosted by all the students organisation. The students of Electrical Engineering Department participate actively both as participants and event management members. EESA takes care of all the technical activities related to Electrical Engineering planned under NUTech.

Various technical activities and workshops related to electrical engineering are planned in NUTECH every year.


It is a flagship event of Electrical Engineering Students Association (EESA). The aim of the event is to impart technical and management skills amongst Electrical Engineering Students which will help them outshine in their profession. Events based on quiz, mock placements, project competition and workshops are planned.
All the events of SCINTILLA are managed by the students under the guidance of faculty members of department.

PCB Designing workshop ‘ProCB’








Electrical Engineering Students Association (EESA), Institute of Technology, Nirma University organises a workshop for 2nd year students of Electrical Engineering Department. The objective of the workshop is to introduce students about PCB designing. Students learn about utilising simulation software and basics of PCB design.