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Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory Facilities

The Department of Electrical Engineering is enriched with well equipped laboratories that aim to help students understand electrical engineering concepts thoroughly and to make the students industry ready. The well-designed experimental setups emphasis on developing the hardware and software skills of an individual. The laboratory facilities of the Department are regularly upgraded to keep in tune with the changing technologies and industrial practices. Major laboratories of the Department are –

The laboratory is equipped with basic and advanced electrical machines. In addition to this, laboratory has the capacity to test induction motors up to 10 HP according to IS: 325.

Major equipment in this laboratory are – Eddy current drive for motor testing, Constant V/f control induction motor drive up to 5 hp rating, Rectifier Transformer Set (230 V DC, 100 A), AC/DC servomotor, Energy efficient induction motor, Demonstration model of sensor-less vector control AC drive, DC machines up to 5 hp, Model of PM machine, Permanent magnet motor, 1 ? phase and 3 ? phase transformers, Automatic winding machine, Switched reluctance motor, Fully automatic diagnostic insulation tester, 3 – phase power analyzer, Digital trivector meter.

A state-of-the-art laboratory is designed to provide platform for basic studies and to give boost to research in Insulation studies. It offers testing facilities for the power apparatus up to 11 kV and insulators up to 33 kV. This laboratory helps students to understand the various aspects of insulation and phenomenon like lightning and surges in electrical power system.

Major Equipment: 100 kVAC and DC test set, 300 kV, 3 kJ, 3 stage impulse voltage generator, Motorized oil testing unit, Artificial Rain making equipment , Liquid dielectric constant meter, 30 kV DC/40 kV AC test set, Demo set for understanding behaviour of impurities in liquid, tesla coil model and transformer prototype model for SFRA.

A protection laboratory equipped with all types of relays including numerical relays (make: GEC, ABB and EasunReyrolle) for transformer, and motor protection has been developed. This laboratory is useful to the students of UG as well as PG in getting up-to-date knowledge of the working of various types of relays by actual demonstration on in-house designed panels.

Major equipment in this laboratory are – Numerical protection relay, Transformer protection relay, Over-current relay, Differential relay, Over-voltage Relay, Distance protection relay, Motor protection relay, Relay control system trainer, Over-current relay test set (Type CFB MK II). With reference to renewable energy generation, the laboratory now includes the Wind Energy Generation Training and research kit with local wind emulation.

To enable students understand the operation of semiconductor devices and power electronics converters, the laboratory is equipped with experimental set-ups where students are exposed to design-based experiments. The laboratory also enables students to carry out UG and PG projects effectively.

Major equipment in this laboratory are – Experimental setups for power electronics Applications like OPAL ? RT (and RT ? LAB), dSPACE- ACE 1104, inverters, IGBT & MOSFET, A.C. voltage controllers, Stepper motor drive, AC and DC drives, Chopper trainer, Single phase dual converter, Gate/Base triggering circuit trainer, Multi-pulse converter, Tuned harmonic filter, Digital Storage Scopes ? 60 MHz and 200 MHz with high voltage differential probe, AC to DC regulated dual power supplies, Solar photovoltaic training and research kit, Universal Programmer, DSP trainer kits, 32 bit ARM cortex Micro-controller kit, function generators, Power and harmonic analyzer.

  • Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Electrical Workshop Laboratory
  • Electrical Circuits and Network Laboratory
  • Electrical Measurement and transducer Laboratory
  • Microprocessors & Micro-controller and Interfacing Laboratory
  • Software Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory