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Shreeni Yeshodharan

Batch of 2007-2010

After completing 12th, all students are faced with a dilemma of ‘what next?’. The decision and the path chosen at this point in time shapes our entire future. The magnitude of this decision is overwhelming, and students look for guidance in all directions to arrive at a choice. Fortunately for me, getting admission in Nirma Institute of Technology simplified this process. I joined the Electrical Engineering program in 2007, and I haven’t ever regretted that decision.

The amazing infrastructure and facilities, encouragement to learn new things and apply those learnings in real world projects, the opportunity to compete against the best in the country through various competitions, great placement opportunities, Nirma offers all this and much more. Teams from Nirma doing exceedingly well in various competitions like Robocon and Baja SAE is a direct result of the stupendous support from the University in terms of resources, faculty guidance and the brilliance of the students themselves. This culture of values and excellence pervades across everything in the campus and helps mould and transform the students who entered the campus as confused and apprehensive individuals into confident professionals ready to take on any challenges.

After all these years, walking through the campus and interacting with the students and faculties makes me realize that the values and ethos of the University are intact. I am confident that this strong foundation will continue to help Nirma University grow as a world class institution.