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Department of Electrical Engineering is well known for its rigour in teaching and providing a platform for basic research. The BTech program of the department is NBA accredited under the Tier-I category. It is ranked high on the priority list of engineering aspirants.  The Department follows the philosophy of imparting quality education through rigorous teaching-learning, hands-on expertise and curricular and co-curricular activities. It helps in building an all-around personality of students.

The Department with its strong pool of faculty, well-developed laboratories, latest software and hardware facilities, contributes to developing life-long learning skills to its graduate and postgraduate students while producing worthy researchers by offering a doctoral research programme. The department is actively involved in funded research projects apart from offering design, analysis and testing based consultancy work to relevant industries.

The Department assiduously endeavours to bridge the theoretical and practical knowledge gaps through up-to-date curriculum and interdisciplinary learning environment. The Department has well-developed laboratories in the areas of Power Electronics and Electrical Vehicle, Electrical Machines, Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering where students can work with modern hardware and simulation tools to get the hands-on expertise in various areas of Electrical Engineering. More emphasis is laid on the skill-development of students to make them industry-ready. The Department also nurtures and encourages the entrepreneurial aspirations of its students. This has resulted in the noteworthy presence of alumni not only in India, but across the globe too.

Programmes Offered

  • BTech in Electrical Engineering
  • MTech in Electrical Engineering (Electric Vehicular Technology)
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering

In its quest to excel as well as continuously improve, evolve and stay abreast with current trends, the Department conducts workshops, technical symposiums, two-week training programmes, industrial visits, expert talks by eminent academicians/researchers/industry resource persons etc. Students and faculty members of the Department are encouraged to take up live project work and provided with a conducive environment to contribute towards research, preferably leading to societal benefits.


To be known for its technical prowess, globally competent faculty, high quality graduates and state-of-the art facilities.
  • To endeavour to equip the graduates with contemporary knowledge, spirit of inquiry, life long learning, ethics and values.
  • To foster a conducive, intellectually stimulating and innovative environment.
  • To provide effective socio-economic solutions to the industry and community at large.
  • To imbibe a sense of belonging among the graduates towards their alma mater, and the society.
A graduate of Electrical Engineering Programme will have an ability to
  • Demonstrate dexterity in the domains of Electrical Engineering viz. network analysis, control systems, electrical machines, electronics and electrical power systems.
  • Understand specifications and requirements, apply laws, analyse, simulate circuits, interpret results and design appropriate solutions in various areas of electrical engineering with evident validation.
  • Contemplate and contribute for energy efficient use of electricity through acquired knowledge.