Invited Research Talk by N C Nair, University of Auckland, New Zealand

In technical collaboration with IEEE Gujarat Section an expert lecture on “Protection and Safety on Power Systems with Highly Renewable Distributed Energy Resources”, was delivered by Prof Nirmal Kumar C Nair, at Institute of Technology, Nirma University. Prof Nair is an Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Auckland. The expert lecture was delivered on April 09, 2019. In his lecture sessions of four hours, he focused on various challenges related to increased penetration of renewable Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in the AC interconnected power systems. He presented the issues faced by the present system and possible mitigation measures in a very lucid manner. Prof Nair explained in detail the behavior of renewable based DER in the event of power system abnormalities. Case studies of blackouts occurred in different countries like India, Australia, and Turkey, were discussed to explain the issues related to power system protection. Prof Nair also shared his knowledge on the New Zealand (NZ) electrical market, discussed on the present scenario and impact of wind power integration on New Zealand transmission system. Overview of NZ South Island power system network was provided. He touched upon the concerns of transmission system operator and distribution utilities, related to integration of DER. Also, he discussed on his work in the area of microgrids and CIGRE related activities. Total 44 participants – Faculty members of various institutes, PhD scholars, MTech students, attended the lecture. At the end of the session hosting institute heartily thanked Prof Nair and IEEE Gujarat Section for organizing such lecture session which helped in augmenting the research aptitude of the participants.