Programmes Offered

Department of Electrical Engineering offers BTech programme, MTech programme with specialisation in Electrical Power Systems and PhD programme. The programmes are designed and updated keeping in view the constantly changing industrial needs, skills to be developed, and challenges emerging out of new research. The programmes are well – received by the industry and academia.

BTech in Electrical Engineering

With an intake of 120 students, the BTech in Electrical Engineering is four years programme incorporating new and flexible curriculum. The curriculum covers the theoretical underpinnings of Electrical Engineering. It also includes various institute level engineering and science courses, and topics in humanities and social sciences.

The Minor Programme

Students of the institute have the flexibility of earning Minor in a specialised domain by earning 15 additional credits.

The programmes are offered from the fifth semester onwards and are listed below –

  • Minor offered by the Department
    • Power Electronics
  • Minors offered by the Institute of Technology
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Minors offered by the Institute of Management
    •    Marketing
    •    Finance
  •  Minor offered by the Department of Design
    • Communication Design

Postgraduate Programme (MTech)

Department offers MTech programme in Electrical Power Systems (EPS). It is two years programme with an intake of 18 students, where the first two semesters (July to May) are spent doing courses. A one year project commences in June or July and lasts till May next year. The project typically has a strong research component.

  • MTech Programmer in Power Electronics & Machine Drives (In Abeyance)

Postgraduate Programme (MTech by Research)

MTech by Research enables the aspirant industry experts to pursue their post-graduation in Electrical Engineering. The programme involves one semester of course-work followed by working on a research problem culminating into a thesis at the end of minimum three years.

Doctoral Programme 

Doctoral programme is offered by the Department in the areas of Power Electronics and Power Quality, High Voltage Engineering and Electrical Power Systems. It focuses on original research that can lead to publications in premier conferences and journals. Students are required to do some courses during initial semesters, eventually moving on completely to research.